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Welcome and thank you for your interest in joining our family!

Who are we

OUTLAW is a gaming clan with members all over the world. We mainly play Call of Duty 2, but we also play other Call of Duty games, the Battlefield series, World of Tanks and many other games. We try to have fun playing those games and meeting new people is definitely part of that. If you are seeking for such an environment, please continue reading...


To join our family, you are expected to

You should play on OUTLAW servers regularly so we can evaluate you. The more you play, the more we are able to see if you’re a good fit to join our family.

Join our forums interact with us so we can get to know you, we aren’t going to bite. Note this dose not mean you are an OUTLAW member yet, you must still apply. Your forum name should match the in game name you use so we know who you are. When you register on the forum, an admin still needs to activatee your account. This was done because our forum was being spammed.

We have reasonable rules and those will have to be followed to join us or to play on our servers. When you are playing somewhere else, you should follow their rules, because then you are still representing us.

Real simple, respect everyone! Respect other members and the guests who frequent our servers. We try to keep it fun for everyone.

This is a family environment with young kids playing and many of them are the kids of other OUTLAW members. We expect you to keep the text and voice chat clean on our servers and forums at all times.

We use Discord to communicate while in game. We also use it to get to know possible recruits! You can join our Discord server via the connect button on the homepage.

Be patient. Once you apply, it might take a while before a recruiter contacts you. When you have been contacted by then, you need to follow their instructions.

When you have a forum account, follow the below link.... copy, fill out and paste the application as a new post under that forum (Titled I would like to join the family!

Follow this link

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you in game soon!




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